We all have a purpose, a reason why.

What is yours?

Success? Happiness? Freedom?

“You are responsible for fulfilling your purpose."

Michael Andreas

Michael is an executive coach and the creator of Behavior Self, a modern synthesis of wisdom, science, and everyday life revealing the interconnections of our choices, character, and destiny.

His extensive background in design & development, high-performance integrated project delivery, leadership, and team development spans over 20 years. He has been a key contributor to the success of many high-end integrated luxury resorts around the world.

He trains entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives in high-performance and high achievement. He is a Director of the highest rated Five-Star international high-end integrated luxury resorts brand. 

He creates advanced training materials and presents modeled systems of applied philosophy for executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals, in leadership conferences, corporate events, workshops, two-day immersions, and through one-on-one consultation.

“I’ve been the underdog most of my life, I grew up in very humble beginnings with very little money. I have the great fortune to have made many huge mistakes early in my life and learning the hard lessons very well. The only thing of real ‘value’ I ever had to offer was my curiosity, character and creativity. It took years and decades for me to synthesize, by experience, the relationship between the depth of our character and the state of our lives. I truly believe that we learn far more from our struggles, mistakes and failures than we ever do from our education and our success.” 

~ Michael Andreas

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."

Bruce Lee


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